Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Last Glimpses of Summer...

Parka: NEXT
Shirt: Unknown (bought it at a second hand store)
Skirt: Alexander McQueen
Boots: Chinese Laundry
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Watch: Juicy Couture
Necklaces: Mexx, NEXT

Lipstick: Dior Couture 999
Nails: OPI Mod About You

So here you see a crazy girl who suddenly realized summer is over but a lot of her summer outfits are still unworn!

I can't believe that! I still have so many summer outfits on my mind! And as I usually have an opportunity to have my pictures taken in the evening, that is now another problem! I am home all day long with my son, and I the evening when my husband comes home from work we usually go for a walk, were we take pictures.

Ok, back to the outfit. I've been DYING to wear this shirt with this skirt. So I even sacrificed my bare legs getting cold, threw on a parka and just went with it. This shirt is amazing! I bought it in a second hand store with a cut label, so I will never know what brand it is. It was even too large for me, and too long. Still, I saw a lot of versatility in it in terms of styling. And here is one of them: tied in front in a knot. The result? A great companion to a full skirt and ankle boots, gives me sort of a "cowboy style" feeling.  I would have even added a hat if I had a right one!

As to the parka, I only wore it because I would have gotten cold with just a short sleeve, and I planned to take it off for the pictures. But I actually liked the result. A military parka is literally a must have for anyone's wardrobe.

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