Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How To Get Tight With Nude Tights.

Parka: Next
Shirt dress: Zara
Sneakers: Isabel Marant
Tights: Calzedonia
Necklace: Mexx
Bracelet: unknown
Watch: Juicy Couture
Bag: Michael Kors

Lipstick: Dior Couture 999

The cold, really cold, season is officially here, and I can't object to this any more by wearing summer pants and bare legs. So I took my tights out.

Tights are probably the most controversial item of a woman's closet. There is hardly any blogger or a fashion web site that hasn't mentioned them, that hasn't said how unappropriate they are: either wear bare legs or wear pants! Well, I gave those tights a lot of thought too, and I came to this conclusion: they work, but they work as long as you think of them as part of your outfit, not as a way to "cover" your legs or "protect you from cold". Ok, ok, we DO wear them because of cold, but why not to play with them and treat them as a fun accessory,  not a necessary evil.

This outfit below is basically led by tights!  They may be neutral and taupe, but they do pull the outfit  together. With bare legs a shirt dress like this would look like I've borrowed a men's shirt to lounge around the house and went out having forgotten about that. The tights help make this look like a dress.

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