Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sunset With My Sexy Boyfriend.

Cardigan: New Look
Top: The Limited
Jeans: GAP
Shoes: Tamaris
Bag: Michael Kors
Watch: Juicy Couture
Belt: unknown
Necklace: Pieces

Ok, sorry GAP, I borrowed the name of the jeans for my post title, but this is was these jeans are called, and they do live up to their name. Like I mentioned before I never even imagined that I would be participating in this boyfriend jeans trend. I thought: why should a woman wear something disgusting, baggy, oversized when there are so many flattering feminine clothes out there? Well, the boyfriend jeans ARE indeed perfect for ANY woman! They probably work better than any other jean style. Those dark blue jeans, often highly recommended as basic, would look just boring unless you properly style them. With boyfriend jeans, you would just look stylish the moment you put them on. Another popular jean style are the skinny jeans. Those are tricky as well. First, they hardly flatter a any body type (models advertising them are not counted). And they hardly improve any outfit. Skinny jeans mostly work as a base for your outfit. For example, I like to wear them with tall boots and Uggs in winter, just pairing jeans with a tunic-style long sweater. With boyfriend jeans, you don't have to worry about your figure - they don't emphasize any of your body parts, and they even hide certain flaws, like, in my case, thighs.
As to today's outfit, I've had it in mind for a while: pairing the boyfriend jeans, a delicate camisole top and a textured knit cardigan. In my opinion, this cool combination of the contrasts looks and feels amazing. Definitely makes you feel sexy and romantic. I would most certainly wear this outfit for a date with a sexy boyfriend!

Now, a few things I DON'T like about this outfit, a few mistajkes:
1. The wide white belt. Definitely, a mistake. Makes my waist wide and looks too bold. A white beld will most likely go to my What not to Wear List. I am now thinking and don't really imagine any look where a white belt would be flattering. As for this look, a thin beige or brown belt would have worked best.
2. The shoes. Ideally, this look must have pointy toe high heeled pumps or strappy high heeled sandals. Unfortunately I don't own any of these so I went with the most acceptable pair I own.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Missing My Office Life.

Blazer: Silvian Heach
Pants: Juicy Couture
Shirt: J Crew
Shoes: Gabor
Bag: Michael Kors
Watch: Juicy Couture

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Powder Makeup in 1W2 Linen 14
Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Ebony
Dior Couture Lipstick in 999
OPI Nail Laquer in Mod About You (though not visible in these pictures)

My office life and my carreer ended 6 years ago. It was supposed to be a maternity leave,  but my son's difficult birth and his diagnosis changed my path forever. I made peace with that and I do enjoy my present life. Though, sometimes, when I miss that feeling of a cool working girl, I can just put on a blazer.

After I stopped going to work, suits and blazers have almost dissappeared from my wardrobe. I did pretty well pulling off those work outfits! But now it is really difficult for me to style that blazer. They look so cool on models and bloggers, and people in the street, but not on me! So the today's outfit is sort of a beginning of learning for me. I first planned this outfit with khaki shorts, but the weather was too cold for bare legs. So I started looking for something closest to shorts, and khaki chino pants were the obvious choice.

And as for the shirt under the blazer, I decided to do the "safest" option - the trustworthy striped shirt. The same principle applies to the shoes: when I don't know which shoes to pick, I reach for these nude heeled loafers!

I have also recently received my late birthday present - the Juicy Couture Rich Girl Watch. Of course, I am now wearing them non-stop, but there is no better addition to the blazer and the career-inspired look, isn't it?

The Red Lipstick I am wearing here is also my recent purchase (I got a bunch of beauty samples which I am going to make a separate post about very soon). This one is Dior Rouge 999, the one I was dying to try, and I do love it! But I will save a complete review for a makew-up post!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

It Is So Damn Cold!

Parka: NEXT
Pants: J Crew
Sweater: GAP
Boots: Chiese Laundry
Bag: Michael Kors
Necklace: handmade from India

well, autumn has officially arrived. It feels so unfair, this summer we get: a cold June, a hot July, and a cold August AGAIN!
I was just looking forward to wearing some fun outfits in August: blazers and sweaters with shorts, boots and parkas with bare legs, slip dresses with cozy cardigans...
But ... All I can say, IT IS SO DAMN COLD!
I still refuse to pull out my fall clothing, so I decided to somehow stick a summer clothing piece into my every outfit until cold season is here OFFICIALLY.
Today this piece are the green chino pants.
Do I need to say that these pants are amazing? Yes, they are! I bought them on sale from J Crew web site last fall, because they were cheap, and green was the only color available in my size. I am not a smart shopper, I don't think of how I am going to wear an item of clothing, when I buy it, I just buy what l like. So here they were, green pants and nothing to wear them with! But when I tried them on, they turned out to be great: perfect length ( cropped but not that "capri" style which can only be worn during summer), perfect rise ( not too low), perfect leg (slightly skinny) and perfect material (100% cotton with no stretch). I didn't wear them much during summer (I mean the "hot" part of summer), because it was too hot, but now I decided to get as much wear from this pants as I can!

I wanted to keep the rest of this outfit quite neutral, and the gold color is perfect for that purpose - it is neutral, BUT not boring, as beige, for example, would be. Actually, for me gold is the best neutral color in the world - goes with anything and adds a little bit more polish to your look. It is very important, though, not to overdo it. In my case, a gold sweater and gold boots seem perfectly balanced by the utilitarian casualty of a military parka, so the gold items actually look neutral and match those green pans as well!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Fashion Victim.

Blazer: J Crew
Shirt: Unknown (picked it at a second hand store!)
Jeans: GAP
Belt: J Crew
Necklace: J Crew
Boots: Chinese Laundry
Bag: Michael Kors

Frankly speaking, I had a lot of doubts about posting these photos, because this outfit was sort out of my style, I just decided to play with trends and colors. I am not even sure whether I like it. It did look ok in the mirrow, but at these pictures taken with a phone in a damn windy weather - I sort of hate the result.

But I am not pretending to be some perfect cover girl with impeccable style and perfect pictures on her blog. I am just a regular girl who has bad hair days and bad styling days, why has this incredible desire to blog though having no skills, no professional photographer or camera.

So this outfit is OK, but it does have mistakes:

1. The shirt. As much as I love this shirt, it is way too small for me in the chest, which is even worsened by the push-up bra I somehow put under it (sorry for intimate details, but this is going to become my new rule on What Not To Wear List: Never wear a push-up bra under a button-down shirt). But this shirt has to go anyway.

2. The blazer. I had doubts about it at first, then started wearing it as I desperately wanted myself a short tweed blazer to wear during fall, BUT: the color is definitely not "mine", and the shape doesn't flatter my body type. It makes my face yellow and my figure resemble a box.  So the blazer has to go as well.

3. The hair. Of course, it was made worse by the wind, but wearing my hair down made me resemble that box even more. An up-do would have worked MUCH better with this outfit.

Now, a few things I DO love about this outfit:

1. The boyfriend jeans. I fell in love with them as soon as I first put them on. These are my first and only boyfriend jeans, and I do believe this style of jeans is 100% "mine"!

2. The boots. I spoke about them before, and I will again and again. The genuine leather, the color, the style, the heel! This is the most stylish, versatile and amazing  pair of footwear I own!

3. The necklace.  Just a great piece that polishes the outfit.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Princess Look in a Princess Skirt.

Jacket: Juicy Couture
Skirt: Alexander McQueen
Shoes: Gabor

I used 2 of the same words in one post title, but that is exactly what this look makes me feel. The skirt I already mentioned, and the jacket happens to have those little details, like peplum, laces in the back, fitted silhouette - they do make you feel a little bit like a royalty. But the jacket is actually denim, so this look doesn't look ridiculously dressy. And, of course, the shoes! I totally forgot I planned to wear my gold ankle boots with this outfit, and grabbed these shoes. These are loafers with a small heel, so they work with a skirt and do not make  me look like I am going to a prom.

And here I am also presenting my new hair look: I decided to say goodbye to ombre hair for a couple of months and go with soft chestnut brown shade for my ends. Though I do plan to go back to ombre again, I am already missing it!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Friendship of The Basics.

Parka: Next
T-shirt: J Crew
Skirt: Aeropostale
Shoes: Tamaris
Bag: Michael Kors

This outfit somehow turned out to be a combination of what I consider basic clothing items for myself: a military parka, a striped t-shirt and a lace skirt. Now let's discuss each one of them.

A Military Parka. Why is it a basic? - It can be worn with anything. With jeans it makes a perfect casual outfit. With lace it makes a cool and stylish contrast. With a work outfit it won't let you get bored of that suit. With an evening dress it makes you daring and therefore - interesting, guaranteed to make that perfect first impression at a party.

A Striped T-shirt. Why is it a basic? It CAN be worn with anything. I know I made that speech a couple of posts ago about how I hate those t-shirts. But a striped makes an exception. It is a perfect layering piece. With jeans it makes a little bit dressier casual outfit than a regular t-shirt. With a work suit it keeps you professional but cool and stylish. And just take any skirt, any pants, any shorts, that you don't know what to wear with - just wear them with a striped top! It will ALWAYS work!

A Lace Skirt. Why is it a Basic? It CAN be worn with ANYTHING! Just imagine throwing away that plain black pencil skirt and replacing it with a lace one (pencil, or mini, just whatever suit your body type better). It looks amazing with a dressy button down shirt (and with a non-dressy button-down as well), and it looks great with a sweatshirt - cool and stylish contrast, and it works amazing for a night out when you don't feel like wearing a dress, just pair it with a silk dressy top!

And alltogether these 3 items create a great casual outfit, which once again proves them to be true Basics!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sunset and Maxi.

Dress: Free People
Sandals: Donald J.Pliner
Bag: Coach
Necklace: J Crew

Here is one more amazing dress by Free People! If I could, I think I would purchase their whole web-site! With maxi dresses there is always a trick: they look amazing on a hanger (or on a tall skinny model), they feel amazing (the way they "fly" around your legs and almost touch the floor, the way you have to hold you skirt when go up or down the stairs...) BUT: after you put that maxi on and look in the mirror, or look at you foto wearing it - the mystery and beauty just dissapear, and all you see is a short big woman reminding a matrioshka doll.
The dress featured above is one of my first flattering maxi dresses. First of all, it's the sleeves - they definitely look much better then spaghetti straps that most maxi dresses have. Second, its the cut: waist is right where waist is supposed to be ( not right below your breasts), and the skirt is not full, but flowing. Usually maxi dresses are tight in the chest, immediately followed by a huge fuLl skirt, which hardly flatters anyone.
That is why I love Free People: they do know how to make dresses for a regular woman!

As for the accessories, I first wanted to wear this dress with boots (it is not that hot any more!), as it was pictured in the Free People catalog, but it was just a "No" on me (boots just were too heavy). So I tried these sandals - and they turned out to be the perfect match. And the J Crew necklace - it is massive and bright, and I don't wear it as much as I'd like to, and the dress calls for something quite heavy for such a low neckline, so I just went with this necklace and I actually like it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Summer Makeup Review.

Now as summer is almost over, I'd like to share my favourite summer make-up products.
Here they are above, all being used and loved by me.
Abd below there'll be a little review about each of them!

1. Dr. Jart BB Cream.
First of all, I am not a fan of BB creams, of all that craze going on around them. I find them too thick, too heavy, pore clogging and emphasizing all the skin's imperfections, like pores and dryness. But the only thing worse that using a BB cream in summer is layering make-up over sunscreen. So a BB cream is my choice for summer when I know I will be spending a lot of time under the sun. This one from Dr.Jart has an SPF of 35 and a shade perfectly matching my skin tone.

2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Powder Make-up in 1W2 Linen 14.

This one is my favourite face make-up for summer. I definitely prefer a powder formula for thе hot time of the year because any liquid make-up that works great for winter, doesnt't stay on my face in summer. I guess I have combination skin, oily when it is hot and dry when it is cold. This powder from Estee Lauder is amazing: it keeps my skin matte, doesn't emphasize my pores or dryness, and it has perfect coverage for a powder.

3. Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Sexy Black Mascara.

For a long time Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara had been my favourite. I re-purchased it again and again and wasn't planning to change anything about it. But the last one I bought was a total dissapointment, so I needed a change. I came across this Helena Rubinstein Mascara in aduty free store in Frankfurt and, remembering one amazing powder of this brand that I had when I was 14, I just bought it. It turned out to be amazing, it gives you voluminous long black eyelashes without any effort. What more could you ask from a mascara?

4. Clinique All About Shadow Quad in 04 "On Safari".

This one ia a great product from Clinique. First of all, the color pallette is perfect for summer. Second, the quality: I've been using it for the whole summer, and still a lot is left! And, finally, it stays on all day long, doesn't fall or smudge.

5. STILA Stay All Day Waterproof Eyebrow Color in Dark.

I have to admit: this is my first ever eybrow color product! I've just never thought I need one, as my eyebrows are thick and dark on their own. But they do have sparse areas, and after looking at many pictures of make-up that I like, I decided my eyebrows do need a little definition. I went to Sephora when I was in the US, and I looked at and tested a few eyebrow pencils. This one from STILA looked the closest in color I needed and the easiest to use, and it also was waterfproof which is a very important feature for a beginner like me - I might still forget my eyebrows are colored and just rub them accidentally.
Ok, the color doesn't match my eyebrows 100%, but in all the other ways this product is perfect, and the result it gives me is perfect as well: defined but naturallly looking eyebrows.

6. Clinique Long Last Lipstick in 29 Heather Moon.

I think it is pretty obvious from the amount of it left (see picture), that I LOVE this one. The color of this lipstick is simply perfect: very natural, slightly darker than my natural lip color, very defining but not bright at all. The shade is something between purple-pink-brown. Even though the formula is slighly drying, the shade of the lipstick totally makes up for it. Will definitely buy it again!

7. Maybelline The Elixir Color Sensational in 025 Mauve mystique.

I love Maybelline lip products, if only they didn't discontinue them so quickly! This lipgloss has amazing color and shine, the only problem is that the shine dissapears very quickly, so it needs to be reapplied frequently.

 8. ORLY Nail Color in Country Club Khaki.

This is my currently favourite nail polish for hands. I don't like bright or dark colors on my hands in summer, I prefer nudes and neutrals. This Orly nail color is perfect: it is neutral, but the color is quite complicated enough and not boring.

9. Golden Rose nail polish in 222.

This is my favourite color for summer pedicure - an amazing turquoise color. For some reason it suits any outfit and any pair of sandals! Contrary to my manicure, I like my pedicure to bright and bold.