Thursday, September 18, 2014

Inspired By The Look: Taking The Sweatpants Out Of Comfort Zone.

This is the look that inspired me, it is from J Crew featuring their famous Saturday Sweatpants:

I got crazy about these sweatpants the moment I saw this look. That is probably because ever since I became a stay-at-home-forever-mom, I have been haunted by the wearing-sweatpants-for-the-rest-of-my-life-ghost. So the idea of dressing them up made me super-excited.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find these same pants anywhere, not even on ebay. So I got the last year's sweatpants from J Crew (I actually couldn't resist and got myself the matching hoodie too ;) as they where very close the ones above: skinny and knit, and heather gray.

But it took me a year to finally dare to wear them outside the house! May be because now I feel so miserable and  heartbroken   because I lost a dear person, I don't really care what people in the street think of my outfits. Yes, here I am, a crazy mom who takes her child for a walk all dressed up! Having this blog motivates me a lot as well, this is such a lifesaver! Such a cozy little home for my soul.

Cardigan: New Look
Sweatpants: J Crew
Shirt Dress: Zara
Boots: Chinese Laundry
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Watch: Juicy Couture
Necklaces: Mexx
Bracelet: unknown

Nails: OPI Mod About You

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