Friday, September 19, 2014

Cold Season Can Wait!

Dress: Free People
Parka: Next
Boots: Tamaris
Bag: Coach
Watch: Juicy Couture
Necklace: Next

Looks like summer is making a lot of effort to make up for the lousy cold months of June and August with this warm and sunny weather, so I decided not to pack up my summer wardrobe just yet and wore this linen maxi dress by Free People. As I've already mentioned here, Free People dresses can really drive you crazy while you are looking for the appropriate underwear and slip to wear under those sheer fabrics and revealing cuts. This dress is not an exception! It IS beautiful with it's long sleeves, high neckline and flowy silhouette, but it also has sheer material and open back, which made it a tough task to find an appropriate undergarment. I bought this dress in spring, but didn't ever wear it because I was looking for something to wear underneath. First I bought a slip skirt which didn't work because it's waistline showed under sheer fabric of the dress. Then I found a slip that used to be part of a 2-piece set, I believed it had to work 100%. Well, that thing turned out to be of a very thick material and very high back, so it was crossed out as well. Then I found a Victoria's Secret slip and decided to give it a try. I've only received it a couple of days ago, tried it on with th dress, discovered that it matches perfectly and was ready to wait till next summer to wear it. Then this warm day came and here I am wearing it! I always love the idea of wearing a summer piece of clothing with something designed for colder days, like a blush colored linen maxi dress and military green parka. And boots, of course. I wouldn't wear this outfit with sandals, because instead of a warm day in fall they will send us to a cold evening in summer!

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