Thursday, June 26, 2014

Yellow Pants to Replace Yellow Sun/ Желтые Брюки Вместо Желтого Солнца

Never thought my first look on the blog will be a trench coat in summer but we are having a true autumn weather right now, so what can I do?
In my defense, the look does include yellow pants! Yellow is my favourite colour and I try to wear it as much as I can. These pants were questionable at first because of the length. I ordered them online in short length, and they turned out to be TOO short. But as the fit and the colour were just perfect, I decided to roll them up and wear them like that always. With ankle boots it looks just perfect! Oh, yeah, boots! In June! I bought them last autumn and can't stop wearing them. They were great for autumn, then for winter (on days without snow), and for spring. And now it's summer, and these boots are my number 1 choice for every day.

Trench coat/ плащ: Juicy Couture
Boots/ полусапожки: Chinese Laundry
Pants/ штаны: J Crew
Top/ джемпер: J Crew

Никогда бы не подумала, что мой самый первый образ в блоге будет представлять собой ... ПЛАЩ в ИЮНЕ месяце, но что же я могу поделать, если у нас стоит такая осенняя погода?

В свое оправдание, могу сказать лишь о том, что в образе хотя бы присутствуют Желтые штаны! Хотя, опять же, вельвет! Не очень летний материал...

Но желтый - мой любимый цвет, и я стараюсь носить его как можно больше. Хотя именно эти штаны  вначале были для меня под большим вопросом. Купила я их, как покупаю в общем-то все, через интернет, взяла модель на невысокий рост, каким собственно и обладаю, но штаны оказались короткими. Вначале думала их продать, но все же не смогла устоять перед такими идеальными цветом и размером, и решила носить их закататанными. Получилось, на мой взгляд, неожиданно здорово! Как-то эта "закатанность" моментально придает образу изюминку, которой часто нет при носке штанов с обычной длиной. А с полусапожками (или, как их модно называть, ботильонами) получается стильно и интересно. Ах, да, Эти Полусапожки! Да-да, в июне.

Купила я их прошлой осенью, проносила их осень практически не снимая, потом частенько надевала зимой (когда не было снега), а потом, само собой, и весной. Ну и сейчас: на дворе лето, а они - опять моя обувь на каждый день!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Home Wear

My obsession with clothes began 4 years ago, when I first realized I was stuck at home from morning till night, and nowhere to dress up to! Previously I used to go to work, and that had been a perfect opportunity to practice my taste and style. Now I had a real challenge, so I started with homewear.

I am strongly against wearing anything old, stained or piled at home. Now I can imagine a lot of moms with small babies looking at me like I am crazy. Believe me, I know what I am talking about! I am still feeding my son 6 times a day, holding him in my lap, so I know about drooling, spitting, stains, etc.
Ok, first I did overdo a little bit with homewear. I started to wear silk dresses, dress pants and skirts at home. But it did fell a bit inappropriate and uncomfortable. Then I switched to knit dresses and t-shirts. But there was another problem - piling. A few wears - and the item could be thrown away. So finally I discovered Juicy Couture. Their terry and velour turned out to be perfect: stylish, fun, comfortable and no piling! Unfortunately this only relates to this brand. Al the other velour tracksuits are waste of money.
Okay, Juicy tracksuits are number one in homewear, but there are a few other options. Like jeans and shirts, I mean the woven shirts, not the knit ones.
Or, for summer, when it is really really hot I like to wear shorts with bra tops, or dresses.

Why am I so fixed on this homewear topic? Is it even worth mentioning? To me it is. To me it has become a lifesaver. I wake up in the morning, I put on nice neat and stylish clothes, I apply my make up (yes, I do a full make up at home!), and I am ready to face my life, proving to myself and the world around me that I did not break,  I did not give up.

BUT! I am only wearing tracksuits at home, never out! Even if I am going for a walk with my son, or going grocery shopping, I like to have some fun with outfits.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello and Welcome!

I was probably supposed to be alone, living at my parents' home and working as a lawyer. Because I was shy, insecure, weird and not pretty.
Instead, I went against it all, against myself. When I was 25 I found the man of my dreams, married him and got the perfect family.
Still, life decided to give me a bigger challenge.
Our son was born, and at birth I got into hands of bad doctors, and they did not help my son to be born, so he had a brain injury.
Now my Eduard is 5 years old and he has cerebral palsy. I am no longer a lawyer, I am a stay at home mother dedicated to her son. We chose to rehabilitate our son using the method of Glenn Doman which requires me to be home 24/7 doing exercises with my son.
Yes, we are still a happy family.
But I still had a void in my life - a professional one. And I found my passion - fashion and style.
Staying at home all day long, hardly ever going out did not make me wear old sweats and dirty clothes. Just the opposite - I suddenly developed a sense of style thanks to the artistic heritage of my father. He was a talented artist, and that's how I was growing - surrounded by art and artists, which contributed to my own taste.
So this is what this blog is about: fashion, style and clothes.