Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Goddess Dress. An Updated Version.

Dress: Free People
Slip skirt: Free People
Shoes: Tamaris
Watch: Juicy Couture
Necklaces: Mexx and NEXT
Wallet: Buxton

Lipstick: Dior 999
Nails: OPI Mod About You

Thank you, summer, for staying here a bit longer, so I can take my beloved goddess dress out once again!
And here is the updated version of it. You see, it doesn't look exactly the same as here in the previous post where it was featured, just look at the skirt bottom, how it is now full and puffy, with so many layers. Now a confession: previously when wearing this dress I had to pin the hem layers together because the front part of the skirt hem was very short. And since the I was desperately looking for a slip skirt to wear under. And as I have to do all my shopping online, It was a very difficult task to find something matching in color, material and style. Finally, I made my choice: this tiered slip skirt, that is also by Free People. I thought that the brand must have at least some decency to make something to wear underneath their amazing but annoyingly revealing dresses. Well, turns out, I was right! This skirt did match perfectly, in both color and material. So now I can become even more of a goddess;)!

BUT! It is very important not to overdo when wearing a slip dress, or you might end up looking like you are going to a prom, or you just woke up and went out of the door in your night gown! Here are the rules I try to follow and would like to share with everyone:

1. Always wear underwear under a slip dress, and not just any underwear, but a nude colored bra with molded cups. I know, you might object by saying that slips are too revealing and low cut, and transparent on their own, and there is no way to stick a bra underneath it.  Believe me, if you choose a nude bra with demi coverage, it will work fine! I am personally wearing Victorias Secret Cotton Lingerie Bra in light yellow (!) color! As much as I don't like push up bras, they are sometimes the best option for low necklines.

2. Whenever you wear a slip, always do your hair.

Forget about those messy beachy styles, messed up buns and ponytails! It will make you look like "just rolled out of bed". Hair is best to be styled straight or into a sleek updo. Just make sure your hair looks "done". Another hair style I would avoid are braids and anything that a little girl would wear to a kindergarten. This includes hair accessories, like headbands, barrettes, or, God forbid, scrunchies!

3. Do a full make up. Again, you can't look like you are actually wearing a night gown, and make up would help you a lot in achieving that. I just make sure I do my foundation, eyebrows and either eyes or lips. In today's outfit I just went with some red lips.

4. Footwear.  Picking the right footwear for a slip dress is also very important. What to avoid: slippers, flip-flops, girly pumps and sandals. What to wear: boots (perforated leather lightweight summer kinds), ankle boots, heavy sandals, even sporty footwear like sneakers.

5. Accessories. Do wear a lot of jewelry with your slip dress. Layer a few massive necklaces and bracelets, and wear a massive watch. It will all make the statement that what you wear is a dress, not lingerie!

6. Outerwear. There is no better companion to a slip dress than a textured knit long and cozy cardigan, or even better to call it a coat. It should make a contrast to the delicate slip dress, which always looks stunning. Just make sure the color looks good paired with your dress, and it is long and wide enough. It's all about the contrast!

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