Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Story of My Hair.

Ok, here comes the day I've been afraid of : raining all day long, no going outside, no opportunity to shoot a look. At home it is also dark, no quality fotos possible. Damn it!

But I am determined to keep my blog alive, so I have to come with other ideas for my posts. So today it would be ... My Hair.

Yes, my hair has been my huge obsession my whole life. I've always been crazy about growing it as long as possible. But the longest I could grow it was just below my shoulders. Here I even found an old foto of myself from 2006:

But for some reason, after my son's birth 6 years ago, my hair started GROWING. The reason for it may be my frequent flying over these last years: we've been traveling to the United States 1-2 times a year for my son's treatment, and I read that flying makes your hair grow 2 times faster! I didn't believe at first, but probably those 10-hour transatlantic flights did have something to do with my hair's extreme growth!

As for the color, I've never done anything special with it, just covering some gray hair ( thanks to the stress I had to deal with at my son's birth!). But a year ago I got really obsessed with getting ombre hair color. It seemed such a perfect opportunity to give my hair a change without any radical change and without any problems maintaining it (the thought of going all the way lighter has always scared me because of those roots needing frequent touch-ups).

But there was one problem I had to face with getting ombré hair: I have dark brown, previously coloured hair, so whatever I read on the internet either promised the job to be impossible at all, or my ends to become orange. At the same time, I've seen so many bloggers, and celebrities who were as dark-colored as me, but they had a beautiful ombré color as well! I know, I know, they get their hair done by famous high-priced colorists! But still I decided to try.

I spent 5 hours in a salon, and here is what I got (it was 15 March 2014). I came back from the salon late in the evening, so had to take pictures with flash.

The ones below show my hair 3 months later, after a vacation which means a lot of sun doing it's job on my hair!
The first one is my hair with no styling:

And this one is after I used some texturizing spray which I usually do in summer:
The next picture is after a visit to a salon again, when I did a little haircut and colored my end darker. The stylist promised the dark color would eventually wash off and my end would be getting lighter again. And that's exactly what happens now, and I couldn't be happier about it!

Here is again, my hair without any styling:
And here is just recently, a month after the last visit to the salon:

Now I am facing a dilemma: I love ombré hair, it can be truly said that I've found my style. But the only thing that is stopping me is the damage it does to hair. I am afraid to lose my length which is also very important to me. I did find some good hair products to repair and moisturise my ends, but lets be honest: bleaching does damage to your hair that can't be undone.

So, my next visit to the salon is planned for December, and I will be thinking till then!

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