Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hello, Cold!

Coat: Juicy Couture
Sweater: Theory
Pants: J Crew
Sneakers: Isabel Marant
Sunglasses: Raen
Bag: Michael Kors

Nails: OPI Uh Oh Roll Down the Window

Yes, it is cold, but it is also sunny, and an opportunity to wear my new amazing coat. So my post title has an exclamation point.

This look is so easy, because it consists of truly great items. The coat is perfect style and color, and it is also the first time in my life when I love the fur collar. The sweater has perfect textured knit and camel color, so it's collar works great as a scarf. The pants - these are the famous J Crew Minnie pants, and I recommend everyone gets them in as many colors, as possible. I am serious: what else would look as good with all those boots, sneakers, UGGs, as well as coats and parkas? Before I discovered these pants, I used to wear skinny jeans all the time during the cold season, but the pants look so much more interesting and sophisticated.

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