Monday, August 18, 2014


Skirt: Alexander McQueen
Top: Jockey
Vest: Promod
Sandals: Geox

I have this skirt from my previous life, when I was a successful lawyer with a good salary. This is Alexander McQueen, and it is a true masterpiece. It is full and heavy, and probably that is why it makes you feel like a princess. But it is still quite casual due to the style (pockets), so it is like a dream (If you are like me and you crave that old-fashioned romantic style in you everyday wear). But there is a tricky side of styling a skirt like this - finding a perfect top. Not only it has to be cropped (though I do plan to try styling it with a button down shirt), but it also has to be a particular style. A dressy top wouldn't work at all - it immediately destroys an outfit turning it into a kindergarten-girl-look. So I decided to try the opposite - to pair this skirt with a sports top. And as for the vest - it just pulls it all together.
Again, hat to wear my hair up, because it is Hot, Hot, Hot!

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