Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Fashion Victim.

Blazer: J Crew
Shirt: Unknown (picked it at a second hand store!)
Jeans: GAP
Belt: J Crew
Necklace: J Crew
Boots: Chinese Laundry
Bag: Michael Kors

Frankly speaking, I had a lot of doubts about posting these photos, because this outfit was sort out of my style, I just decided to play with trends and colors. I am not even sure whether I like it. It did look ok in the mirrow, but at these pictures taken with a phone in a damn windy weather - I sort of hate the result.

But I am not pretending to be some perfect cover girl with impeccable style and perfect pictures on her blog. I am just a regular girl who has bad hair days and bad styling days, why has this incredible desire to blog though having no skills, no professional photographer or camera.

So this outfit is OK, but it does have mistakes:

1. The shirt. As much as I love this shirt, it is way too small for me in the chest, which is even worsened by the push-up bra I somehow put under it (sorry for intimate details, but this is going to become my new rule on What Not To Wear List: Never wear a push-up bra under a button-down shirt). But this shirt has to go anyway.

2. The blazer. I had doubts about it at first, then started wearing it as I desperately wanted myself a short tweed blazer to wear during fall, BUT: the color is definitely not "mine", and the shape doesn't flatter my body type. It makes my face yellow and my figure resemble a box.  So the blazer has to go as well.

3. The hair. Of course, it was made worse by the wind, but wearing my hair down made me resemble that box even more. An up-do would have worked MUCH better with this outfit.

Now, a few things I DO love about this outfit:

1. The boyfriend jeans. I fell in love with them as soon as I first put them on. These are my first and only boyfriend jeans, and I do believe this style of jeans is 100% "mine"!

2. The boots. I spoke about them before, and I will again and again. The genuine leather, the color, the style, the heel! This is the most stylish, versatile and amazing  pair of footwear I own!

3. The necklace.  Just a great piece that polishes the outfit.

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