Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sunset and Maxi.

Dress: Free People
Sandals: Donald J.Pliner
Bag: Coach
Necklace: J Crew

Here is one more amazing dress by Free People! If I could, I think I would purchase their whole web-site! With maxi dresses there is always a trick: they look amazing on a hanger (or on a tall skinny model), they feel amazing (the way they "fly" around your legs and almost touch the floor, the way you have to hold you skirt when go up or down the stairs...) BUT: after you put that maxi on and look in the mirror, or look at you foto wearing it - the mystery and beauty just dissapear, and all you see is a short big woman reminding a matrioshka doll.
The dress featured above is one of my first flattering maxi dresses. First of all, it's the sleeves - they definitely look much better then spaghetti straps that most maxi dresses have. Second, its the cut: waist is right where waist is supposed to be ( not right below your breasts), and the skirt is not full, but flowing. Usually maxi dresses are tight in the chest, immediately followed by a huge fuLl skirt, which hardly flatters anyone.
That is why I love Free People: they do know how to make dresses for a regular woman!

As for the accessories, I first wanted to wear this dress with boots (it is not that hot any more!), as it was pictured in the Free People catalog, but it was just a "No" on me (boots just were too heavy). So I tried these sandals - and they turned out to be the perfect match. And the J Crew necklace - it is massive and bright, and I don't wear it as much as I'd like to, and the dress calls for something quite heavy for such a low neckline, so I just went with this necklace and I actually like it!

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