Thursday, August 28, 2014

It Is So Damn Cold!

Parka: NEXT
Pants: J Crew
Sweater: GAP
Boots: Chiese Laundry
Bag: Michael Kors
Necklace: handmade from India

well, autumn has officially arrived. It feels so unfair, this summer we get: a cold June, a hot July, and a cold August AGAIN!
I was just looking forward to wearing some fun outfits in August: blazers and sweaters with shorts, boots and parkas with bare legs, slip dresses with cozy cardigans...
But ... All I can say, IT IS SO DAMN COLD!
I still refuse to pull out my fall clothing, so I decided to somehow stick a summer clothing piece into my every outfit until cold season is here OFFICIALLY.
Today this piece are the green chino pants.
Do I need to say that these pants are amazing? Yes, they are! I bought them on sale from J Crew web site last fall, because they were cheap, and green was the only color available in my size. I am not a smart shopper, I don't think of how I am going to wear an item of clothing, when I buy it, I just buy what l like. So here they were, green pants and nothing to wear them with! But when I tried them on, they turned out to be great: perfect length ( cropped but not that "capri" style which can only be worn during summer), perfect rise ( not too low), perfect leg (slightly skinny) and perfect material (100% cotton with no stretch). I didn't wear them much during summer (I mean the "hot" part of summer), because it was too hot, but now I decided to get as much wear from this pants as I can!

I wanted to keep the rest of this outfit quite neutral, and the gold color is perfect for that purpose - it is neutral, BUT not boring, as beige, for example, would be. Actually, for me gold is the best neutral color in the world - goes with anything and adds a little bit more polish to your look. It is very important, though, not to overdo it. In my case, a gold sweater and gold boots seem perfectly balanced by the utilitarian casualty of a military parka, so the gold items actually look neutral and match those green pans as well!

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