Monday, November 2, 2015

Are Your Outfits Supposed to Age? Are YOU? / Стареют ли наши наряды? А мы?

Cardigan/ кардиган: vintage
Dress/ платье: Free People
Boots/ ботинки: Dr Martens
Hat/ шляпа: Next
Scarf/ шарф: EMU Australia
Tights/ колготки: Vera Wang
Bag/ сумка: Coach
Belt/ ремень: old
Bracelet/ браслет: Next
Watch/ часы: Juicy Couture

Lipstick/ помада: Dior 999

Just before packing my summer maxi dress away for winter I decided to make one more outfit. This one is something I had in mind back when ordering those Dr Martens boots: pairing them with a floral maxi dress. If not for these boots, how else could you wear a long dress, a grandma cardigan, a weird hat AND look great?!

Ok, but actually it is not about the boots. All they do is add a stylish contrast, a bit of confidence vibe and a bit of free spirit. The rest is just about attitude, because fashion is TIMELESS and AGELESS, no matter what anyone tries to convince you.

Now let me explain what I mean. Whenever you open a fashion magazine or a web-site, or a random fashion blog, there will always be a article about how you should dress according to your age. How your skirts should get longer and your necklines higher, and your hair shorter, and your clothing more boring and more expensive (you know, all that crap about "fashion-investments" and "status-dressing), and perhaps you shall already order yourself a coffin, and a funeral service... As soon as you turn 30...

I may be exaggerating, but this is what we are being convinced of. I even read somewhere that after 30 your are not supposed to have long hair or wear shorts. Remember how not long ago, midi skirts and thick knit cardigans were considered as "grandma-only" territory? Now, let's look at Chanel, one of the leading fashion houses in the world, showing us exactly those on the young and thin models! Or, is their whole collection meant for grandmas?!

Thankfully, top fashion designers go far beyond age. Fashion is never about your age, it is about your personality, your mood, your emotions. If you feel like wrapping yourself in a thick wool cardigan, you'd do just that, without first looking into your passport to remind yourself of your year of birth (exaggerating again, I know, but I keep forgetting mine all the time ;). Because there are no "grandma" cardigans, "teenage" shorts and age-appropriate hairstyles. If long hair is part of who you are, you'd never cut it just because you reached a certain "age-limit".

Of course, there are boundaries. There are necklines that are too revealing for any age, there are butt-exposing shorts that are never appropriate at all. And, of course, there are all sorts of dress codes that have to be followed no matter how old you are.

But it is never, NEVER about age!

Только я решу придерживаться исключительно образов и поменьше философских рассуждений, как на глаза попадается очередная идиотская статья о том, как нужно одеваться согласно своему возрасту.

О том, как с возрастом нужно одеваться скромнее и "статуснее", как нельзя носить слишком длинные волосы, а также шорты, мини юбки и цветные колготки. А еще стоит, наверное, заранее заказать себе ритуальные принадлежности и похороны... Желательно сделать это, как только вам исполнилось 30 ...

Я, конечно, преувеличиваю, но как же это надоело! Вместо того, чтобы искать свой стиль, одеваться по настроению, становиться увереннее в себе и свободнее, нужно, видите ли, заглянуть в свой паспорт, спуститься с небес на землю и жить чужими советами, чужими штампами и чужими представлениями о жизни.

Сегодня, в этот прекрасный осенний день, в прекрасном пьянящем, прикрытым туманом лесу, мне захотелось надеть этот вязаный уютный "бабушкинский" кардиган (который и вправду достался мне из бабушкиного сундука), а еще непонятную древнюю шляпу, летнее платье, грубые ботинки ... в цветочек, а еще плотные колготки! Потому что я не устану повторять, что одежда - это отражение твоего внутреннего мира. И только твоего! И никаким "возрасто-помешанным" советчикам там не место!


  1. I enjoyed this post a lot. Great job!


  2. lovely!!! stunning misty background! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  3. I also wore a maxi skirt paired with dr. martens boots yesterday. It is a great combo! I really like the floral print on your maxi skirt...and your hat is perfect. You look lovely!

    I totally agree with you. There shouldn't be a uniform way to dress after we reach a certain age. That is just silly...all those rules and restriction we can read about in the magazines make no sense. Plus, they sometimes really annoy me....perhaps that is why I love fashion blogs, I follow blogs from women of all age groups, some in their fifties and sixties and they dress with so much free spirit and gusto, I love it.

  4. What a super cute look for fall! I also love the atmosphere on the pictures! I was just thinking the other day if actually I am wearing too "young" clothes now that I am a mother - but a second later I was thinking "why do I even think someting like that - I just wear what I like and thats it! :-)
    Thanks a lot for your last comment! I always appreciate your thoughts on my posts a lot : )

  5. I think you did a really good job mixing all of these prints into a cohesive look! :)

  6. Wow, dear Olga, you styled your maxi skirt in such a stylish and cool way!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  7. You look so beautiful in these dusty pink colors, Olga. Age? what is age but a number, tho.

  8. I love this outfit you're wearing. It seems like it's really cold there already!!! Funny how opposite my climate is. It's really hot here and I don't want to leave the air conditioned room. Haha :)

    Have a nice day!


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