Friday, November 20, 2015

Where Have I Been?/ Где я пропадала?

Parka/ куртка: LL Bean
Pants/ брюки: Zara
Boots/ ботинки: Dr Martens
Hat/ шапка: Juicy Couture
Sweater/ свитер: old
Bag/ сумка: Coach
Gloves/ перчатки: old

Lipstick/ помада: Tom Ford Pussycat

I have abandoned my blog for a while to deal with some off-line stuff. Actually, I didn't even plan to be away from the blog, because I traveled to a very beautiful European city (Warsaw). We went there to get US visas for my son's treatment appointment. Besides, November 17 was the 10-year anniversary of me meetingmy husband, so we thought that would be sort of a romantic family getaway for us. I traveled to Warsaw in my teens and I remember what a beautiful city that is, and that is just 600 km from Minsk which didn't seem too far.

Instead, everything went against the plan. The drive was long and difficult, our GPS kept bringing us to the wrong destinations and Polish roads turned out to be very narrow and jammed. Besides, the time there is 2 hours behing from Belarus, so at around 3p.m. it begins to get dark. Ant the worst part was that we came to an incredibly cold and rainy weather. Not only we had no opportunity for any romantic walks or for taking any pictures - we even had no desire! And being dressed in a wrong way, I caught a terrible cold. This all makes me a terrible blogger, I know!

Here I am though, back home, feeling sick, tired and sleepy, but I happen to have an  "Outfit of Today" that that I wore just bevore leaving for Poland!

Мне тут пришлось ненадолго забросить свой блог из-за одной поездки. Хотя на самом деле, я ничего забрасывать не собиралась: я ехала в такой красивый европейский город (Варшаву), и, конечно, планировала и образы, и фотографии, и посты. Целью поездки было получить американские визы для поездки на очередной курс реабилитации нашего сына. Кроме того, у нас с мужем 17 ноября - 10-летняя годовщина знакомства, и я думала, что у нас получится такое приятное семейно-романтическое путешествие.

А получилось все наоборот. Дорога оказалась слишком тяжелой и изматывающей - всего-то 600 км, но польские дороги такие узкие и темные (у них время на 2 часа меньше, чем у нас, и в 3 часа дня начинает темнеть!). Погода тоже подвела не на шутку: было очень холодно, и все 3 дня без перерыва шел дождь. А я, со своими "образами" не по погоде, не только не смогла сфотографироваться, да еще и простыла. 

Но к счастью, у меня есть фотографии, сделанные перед самым отъездом!


  1. sorry to hear you caught a cold while travelling to Poland! I hope you will feel better soon. That parka jacket is amazing...and I do like your boots. Perfect outfit!

  2. Yeah, just like Ivana said.. truly sorry to hear that everything did not go as planned. I was in Warsaw two years ago.. and it's a great city!

    Hope things will look up for you! :)

  3. Dear Olga, so sorry your trip was not that easy ... I have never been to Warsaw and I can imagine it is an interesting and wonderful time. Hope you feel now much better and I really like you in this casual look as this colour suits you so well!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. lovely post indeed :) i hope you're having an amazing day!


  5. I'm sorry your trip didn't turn out as expected! Now get some rest and hopefully you feel better soon. You look so lovely in your ootd! Baci, Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  6. Yeah, weather is not the best so more often we will get cold..I hope you are much better now... Great outfit my dear, I love boots :-)

  7. Stunning! <3 Thank you for the kind comment on my blog, always trying to return the support!