Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pretty Peach Pallette, Please? / А не желаете ли персиков?

Coat/ пальто: J Crew
Dress/ платье: Whim
Tights/ колготки: Vera Wang
Boots/ сапоги: Seychelles
Scarf/ шарф: Marithe-Francois Girbaud
Bag/ сумка: Dooney & Bourke

Lipstick/ помада: Dior 999
Nails/ лак: OPI Get Cherried Away

Ok, this is going to be a quick outfit post, because I simply love the look, and I've sang so many odes to this coat already! And I don't even know if I needed to!

I bought it online and it fits like a glove.

It has the prettiest color in the world, which I think combines with ANY color in the world!

It is made of the best coat material in the world (alpaca), which is warm, and chic, and very wearable. I mean, I haven't even dry-cleaned this coat once in the two years I've owned it!

And how about the versatility! I wore this coat in a very basic autumn outfit. I wore it with sneakers. I wore it with a summer dress underneath. I wore it with a fur vest on top (and UNDERNEATH as well, actually!). And today I am wearing it with this amazing dress, that happens to math the color of the coat, proving it once again: this delicate peach color can never be too much!

To summarize, what can I say: when it comes to outerwear, J Crew makes real pieces of art!

Сегодня - просто образ. Ну правда, сколько можно петь оды этому пальто?! И нужно ли...

У него самый лучший цвет на свете.

У него самый лучший на свете материал (альпака).

И, конечно, многообразие. Я надевала его в простом базовом образе. Я надевала его с кроссовками. Я надевала его поверх летнего платья. Я надевала ПОВЕРХ него меховой жилет. Да и под низ, собственно, тоже... 

В общем, когда речь идет о верхней одежде, J Crew создает настоящие шедевры!


  1. I think too many people are wearing black in a winter time. So when I can see that beautiful color like is in your outfit I'm very happy :-) Beautiful look my dear, I love your boots :-)

  2. Stunning peach coat! Love how you've paired it with the color of the dress and some lovely beige boots.. Stunning!

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  4. thanks so much for the comment on my entry
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  5. nice post :) I love to read your blog! :)