Monday, October 19, 2015

What Do You Do When Your Past Pays an Unexpected Visit? / Что делать, если прошлое внезапно приходит в гости?

Coat/ пальто: handmade/ сшито на заказ
Pants/ брюки: Juicy Couture
Boots/ сапоги: La Canadienne
Scarf/ шарф: Blend
Sunglasses/ очки: Ray-Ban
Bag/ сумка: Coach

Lipstick/ помада: Clinique Heather Moon
Nails/ лак: Zoya Darcy+OPI In My Back Pocket

We all have baggage. We all have skeletons in our closets. The ones you can't erase from your memory. You can't dispose them. You can't pretend they never happened. All you can do and you DO eventually - you choose the farthest storage space for them in your memory and you learn to live with them. Of course, those wounds on your soul never heal completely. They leave scars and they leave them forever. But the most important part in that you had moved on, and those old relationships and exes are  ... in the PAST!

But one day it pays you a visit. It breaks into your life, unannounced and unexpected. It catches you completely off-guard.You may think you live in a big city, but turns out, it is not that big! 

I haven't seen him in 10 years, and never talked to him since the day we got divorced. Which is so fine by me! Then a few days ago, I go into my yoga class and run into him. 

So, what do you do when your past pays an unexpected visit?

First, you get shocked.

Then you have a panic attack (Of course, you do! How could those damn things miss SUCH an opportunity!).

Then you pull yourself back together.

Then you feel happy: no matter how hard it tries, it has no place in your current life.

I don't even know what makes me feel so uncomfortable. That's past. I am so happily married  now. Why am thinking and even anxious about running into him again in my next class? He can't hurt me any more. He is nothing for me now. Perhaps, this is my way of protecting myself? Because when I go into those yoga classes all want to do is achieve the peace of mind and relaxation. Besides, I just hate running into people who are not in my life any more.

Okay, so what do I do now? Quit my yoga class? No way! I like this one so much! Instead, what I'll definitely do, I'll wear my fabulous Juicy Couture leopard print yoga suit, I'll blow-out my hair and may be even wear some lipstick to my next workout! But even without all of that, I do look much better now than I did 10 years ago!

As for the outfit of today, it happened to be an interesting coincidence! If you met me those 10 years ago, I would have probably looked something like that: elegant coat, elegant wool pants, high heels. And I would have probably even be wearing the same lipstick, actually! Because I don't remember exactly, but Clinique Heather Moon has been my favourite for AGES!

And as for that leopard-print yoga suit and the whole subject of yoga? Totally worth a separate post! Coming soon!

Итак, прошлое. Оно есть у всех нас, оно хранится где-то в глубине нашей памяти, его нельзя забыть, стерпеть или сделать вид, что его не было. 

Но однажды оно приходит в гости. Незванное, нежданное, ненужное и неприятное. Эх! Это мы ДУМАЕМ, что живем в большом городе, но, оказывается, не такой уж он и большой. Идешь себе спокойно на йогу, естественно, не ожидая ничего, кроме достижения гармонии и расслабления, и тут ... ОНО.

ПРОШЛОЕ. ТО самое, которое ты положила в далекий ящик 10 лет назад и забыла, как страшный сон.

Он для тебя сейчас никто. Он больше не может тебе навредить. Но почему-то, случайно его встретив, тебе все равно противно. И тебе больше не хочется допускать этих встреч. Но как поступить? Бросить йогу? Ну уж нет! Я слишком уж от нее в восторге, и слишком много  усилий я приложила, чтобы попасть именно в эту группу. Тогда вариант один: на следующее занятие я пойду, как обычно. И, может быть, даже надену свой шикарный леопардовый спортивный костюм от Джуси Кутюр, и выпрямлю волосы, ну  и, возможно, чуть-чуть помады...

Сегодняшний образ - тоже своеобразный "привет из прошлого". Если бы вы встретили меня  те же 10 лет назад, я бы была одета примерно так же: элегантное пальто, элегантные брюки и каблуки. Даже, наверное, помада была бы абсолютно та же: Clinique Heather Moon!

А что касается упомянутого мной леопардового костюмчика, да и темы йоги в целом - об этом будет отдельный пост!


  1. Fantastic look. This coat is a stand-out piece! I love the bold blue color.

    1. Thank you so much! I had so many doubts about this coat, so appreciate your comment a lot!

  2. Love this classy and timeless look. The coat is gorgeous, the pants are TDF! You look fabulous, Olga.

    1. Thank you so much for your amazing comment, Lenya!

  3. I think we all feel weird when we run into our exes...I usually just pretend I don't see them, because I have an above avarage perception, I can slip unnoticed everywhere (but probably not in a yoga class, I mean there you must notice others and they you:))

    you're right to take this approach...what is in the past, it is in the past! love your blue coat and wide legged pants!

  4. Самый хороший способ не дать прошлому навредить, сказать ему спасибо и идти дальше :)
    Не пытаясь показать как и что сейчас, как хорошо, что оно прошло... А просто не пустить его в свое настоящее.

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  5. The coat is really pretty on you!
    I am back from the holiday... wanna know where I went ,)? New post is up!
    Thanks a lot for your last comment : )

  6. Dear Olga, I'm impressed how you kept countenance in the end, I can imagine what a shock it was to meet excatly your ex-husband! But you are so right, it is the past and I was relieved to read that he has definitely not any place in your life. We have really all this past ... like you in your elegant look of today and now I'm looking forward to your post with the leo-suit :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  7. Hi there, oh my goodness!! I don't know what would I do!! So glad to read that you have your mind clear, Love this look so classy and can't wait to see more about that yoga look!
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  8. AMAZING coat, Olga! Lovely how it looks with the brown bag.


  9. What an interesting story, running into him after 10 years. You do look fabulous and I can't wait to see your leopard print yoga suit! Baci, Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  10. This is such a lovely post! Have a great weekend dear.

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  11. Your photos are beyond AMAZING!!! Love your blog girl! happy Sunday!

  12. it's good to know things are nice now.
    great blue coat! :D

    Have a great weekend!
    Animated Confessions

  13. Such a classy styling, I like how everything is well put together :)
    Past is part of us and sometimes we can't excape it. But if we accept it as a part of us that was important once, the sooner can we accept that is not important now. Best of luck, Maja

  14. This outfit is such a lovely combination. Love this set! Simple and modern, and at the same time so chic!

    Diana Cloudlet