Thursday, October 1, 2015

Is it OK to Substitute Emotions with Outfits?/ А что, если заменить эмоции нарядами?

Trench/ плащ: J Crew
Sweater/ свитер: Tsesay
Skirt/ юбка: Free People
Tights/ колготки: Transparenze
Boots/ : Matisse
Bag/ сумка: Louis Vuitton
Watch/ часы: Juicy Couture
Sunglasses/ очки: Ray-Ban

Lipstick/ помада: Tom Ford Pussycat

Actually, this question was first inspired by my previous outfit. It sort of seemed something ... ethereal. It was not an evening outfit (linen dress AND biker boots?!), and not exactly a casual one (though I DID wear it to take my son for a regular walk around the block - HONESTLY!). Then it hit me: this outfit is MY EMOTIONS! 

Emotions are an interesting thing. You seem to have them all the time, they accompany you every day, and you might not even notice them. But one day, after any tragic stressful events start overwhelm your life, you suddenly realize your emotions are mostly negative. And a while later, you realize even more: your emotions are GONE! Perhaps, it is your soul's way of protecting itself from going completely crazy or depressed, because nothing good can ever happen from too many negative emotions, can it?

This is what has been happening to me recently. I realized it accidentally. I just decided to take a stupid quiz (the one somebody shares on Facebook, and you come accross just reading your page), something about "What country would be ideal for you to live in". It started with questions, like "What food you like" and "What your favourite leisure activity is" - and I realized the strangest thing: I do not have a clue! I do not have a favourite food any more! I do not havy any pastime preferences anymore. I haven't had any job in ages! I stopped writing, I stopped painting, I stopped reading books (I mean fiction here, those with a title mentioning "How to make your baby well, etc." don't count!). I literally LOST all of my own emotions!

The only place still keeping me creative is my blog. And my blog is my outfits. Which basically led me to the conclusion that my outfits reflect the emotions I have! That explains a lot, doesn't it: the pinks, the ruffles, the craziness, the contrasts, the overdressing...

And yes, if it is the tights season already, it better be the PINK tights season!

Вообще, на этот вопрос меня натолкнул еще мой предыдущий наряд. А сегодняшний просто еще раз все подтвердил: мои образы не для работы и не для особых случаев, у меня даже нет , как такового, стиля. Просто сумасшествие, тяга к чему-то особенному, контрастному, необычному... И это - ни что иное, как ... МОИ ЭМОЦИИ.

Эмоции сопровождают нас везде и всегда. Положительные и отрицательные, они рождаются и исчезают, и мы этого даже не замечаем. Просто положительные обычно преобладают, и все как бы находится в гармонии. Но бывают моменты в жизни, когда трагедии и стрессы настолькл заполняют нашу жизнь, что эмоции куда-то исчезают. Их просто нет! 

Я заметила это у себя совсем случайно. Решила пройти какой-то дурацкий тест на Facebook (знаете, такие, на которые постоянно натыкаешься, читая свою ленту: "В какой стране вам было бы жить лучше всего?"). Начались вопросы: про любимую еду, любимое занятие в свободное время, любимый вид отдыха... И тут я осознала: я НЕ знаю ответы на эти вопросы! Я забыла, какая у меня любимая еда и любимый вид отдыха. Я давно уже не работаю, не пишу, не рисую, не читаю книг (те, в названии которых есть слова "Развитие ребенка", не в счет). Получается, что единственный "выход" для творчества и, следовательно, для эмоций лично у меня - это блог, а, если точнее - образы! Вот отсюда и "ноги растут": отсюда весь этот розовый цвет, эти оборки, эти контрасты и сумасшедшие идеи!

И да, раз уж пришел сезон колготок, то пусть это будут РОЗОВЫЕ колготки!


  1. I know exactly what you mean...sometimes we're just too emotionally exhausted to feel anything. As you have noticed, this happens especially after stressful events.

    I think there are periods in our lives when we can't force ourselves to feel positive, we just need to take baby steps and enjoy what we can...try to find a few minutes to be happy or calm everyday and slowly start to rebuild ourselves. When we get better, our motivation returns and then it is easier to start to think positively.

    Sometimes I feel like a dark shadow is removed from my eyes and I realize that I have only seen the bad and the negative...while in fact there were many good things I refused to take notice of...but this is something that happens on its own, we cannot force it... sometimes it takes time for us to heal.

    those pink tights are amazing...and so well paired with that tulle skirt. You look beautiful!

    1. Dear Ivana, thank you so much for such a thoughtful and nice comment! I see you can understand what I am talking about!

  2. Dear Olga, I think you can live much easier without preferences! So you are able to like many things :) My blog belongs also my creative hoards - I'm really happy I discovered blogging for me! You look very cool in your trench look <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Dear Rena, thank you so much for your comment! And thank you so much for that advice on preferences!

  3. so nice:) Happy Sunday:)

    1. Thank you so much, dear Tijana! Glad you stopped by!