Friday, September 11, 2015

September Sunsets/ Сентябрьские закаты...

Vest/  жилет: handmade/ сшит на заказ
Shirt/ рубашка: Massimo Dutti
Shorts/ шорты: Juicy Couture
Sneakers/ кроссовки: Isabel Marant
Sunglasses/ очки: Roberto Cavalli
Bag/ сумка: Coach
Watch/ часы: Juicy Couture

Lipstick/ помада: Elizabeth Arden Coral

Call me crazy, but here I am with the "September" subject again! This month seems to drain the most energy off me, but at the same time - to give me the most colorful emotions. The losses, the panic attacks AND ... the most beautiful nature (nothing can beat those red and yellow leaves, right?), the breezy misty mornings, and the incredibly sunny sunsets! 

Sunsets... I just hope they somehow bring my damn panic attacks to their sunset as well! 

And, my fur vest makes an appearance again, the second post in a row. I am about to admit that is the best outerwear for Sepmtember ... ever! Warm enough, fun enough, crazy enough and versatile enought. I can totally see myself wearing it with just about any outfit! Just imagine yourself: a fur vest works with jeans and shorts, skirts and dresses, it can even be casually thrown over your workout   tracksuit before you walk out of the house and heading to a gym! And, of course, you can always use your fur vest as an evening-out outerwear (aren't you bored with those bolero jackets after all?).

Кажется, сентябрьская тематика все никак меня не отпустит. Этот месяц одновременно высасывает из меня кучу энергии и сил, и в то же время - он такой романтичный, такой красивый, такой поэтичный, я бы даже сказала! 

А еще мой меховой жилет появляется уже во втором посте подряд. Я уже практически готова "официально" объявить его "сентябрьской верхней одеждой номер один". А действительно: он в меру теплый, оригинальный, интересный для комбинирования и универсальный. Он сочетается с чем угодно: с джинсами и шортами, платьями и юбками, его даже можно накинуть поверх спортивного костюма по дороге в спортзал. А можно - на вечернее платье (ну, правда же, эти болеро уже достали!).


  1. Hey! I like it very much!!! <3


  2. Hi there, this look is great, is something I woful wear, if I had a great pair of legs like yours!! have a great weekend.
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  3. Hi Olga and thank you for your visit. I like very much this cozy outfit, perfect for these days of september, and your gilet is really nice. Kisses from Italy,

    Eniwhere Fashion
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  4. I had a panic attack once years ago. I realized what it was instantly but it was still scary and really unpleasent experience. I hope you will find a way to minimaze yours. Generally, it is good to find something that makes us relaxed but what it may be is different for every person. I sometimes like to go hiking and sometimes to relax, I read a all depends on my mood.

    This outfit is very stylish...I really like your furry vest. You look beautiful.

  5. Love this cool outfit. The vest is gorgeous, Olga.

  6. This is a really great entry! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  7. The Isabel Marant sneakers are my faves! Lovely look with a faux fur vest and shorts - perfect for the transitional season, Olga!