Thursday, September 17, 2015

Biker Boots

Dress/ платье: Free People
Jacket/ куртка: Juicy Couture
Sweater/ свитер: unknown/ неизвестно
Belt/ ремень: old
Boots/ сапоги: Matisse
Necklace/ колье: Monet
Watch/ часы: Juicy Couture

Nails/ лак: Zoya Darcy

I've shown these boots here, and now, as I have them - they couldn't be any better! I realized how cool and stylish biker boots are after seeing the BCBG resort campaign which I discussed here. And now, in fall, I can't think of any footwear that is more versatile and more budget-friendly than biker boots!

Firts of all, biker boots instantly transfer all your summer skirts and dresses into the fall-season-appropriate territory. Even the whitest, the lightest and the most floral of them! Just look at the above mentioned BCBG campaign and get inspired!

Second, biker boots will easily dress down any outfit that's too dressy or evening-style-only. These are the clothes you could only see yourself wearing with heels and out to a party. You own a bunch of them, don't you? And often complain you have nowhere to wear them to ...

And finally, third: biker boots look great with any outerwear piece in the world! With leather jackets and military parkas, it is just a natural bond. As for the classic trenches and wool coats - biker boots make a very a interesting, but at the same time - a very delicate contrast!

There is something really neutral about those biker boots! With all their brutality, they somehow look really modest and ... delicate! Perhaps, it is because of the simplicity of the boots' style, or may be it is their color?

Я я уже показывала эти ботинки здесь, и теперь, когда они уже у меня - мне не терпится их показать! 

Вот уж поистине - бюджетная осенняя покупка! Во-первых, байкер-бутс автоматически переносят все ваши летние платья и юбки в разряд "осенней одежды".  Даже самые белые, прозрачные и цветастые! Смотрим resort коллекцию BCBG 2016 - и вдохновляемся!

Во-вторых, с помощью байкер-бутс можно любой нарядный образ превратить в повседневный! Ну ка, где там все ваши вечерние наряды, которые "некуда носить"?!

Ну и, в-третьих, байкер-бутс сочетаются с любой верхней одеждой! С парками и кожаными куртками - тут все и так понятно и органично. А с классическим тренчем или шерстяным пальто получится очень интересный и при этом - неброский и не кричащий контраст!

Они такие ... нейтральные что-ли, эти байкер-бутс. То ли благодаря простоте фасона, то ли из-за цвета - при всей их стилевой выразительности, они очень аккуратные и даже изящные! Поэтому, наверное, они и сочетаются с чем угодно!


  1. I really like this a lot!

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  2. I do agree with you. Biker boots are very practical. They look great with just about anything....and they can help us dress some outfit down and make it more appropriate for day.

    I really like how you styled your biker boots. That skirt has such a bold print and by keepin the rest of the outfit black, you made that wonderful skirt stand out even more. I really like the belt too! You look very stylish, feminine and pretty.

  3. I just read that it is actually a dress, not a skirt....but because of the sweater and the jacket I didn't notice that right away.

  4. Great layering, Olga! I love the contrast of a rocking biker leather jacket and your feminine beautiful dress.

    xoxo Ira

  5. Dear Olga, I agree, biker boots are really cool pieces and my compliment how cool you combined your biker boots. The idea to wear your boots with this feminine skirt is convincing and I love it further you have chosen this leather jacket for your look. Have a happy weekend!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. Gorgeous skirt! I also love combining feminine dresses and skirts with biker boots and leather jackets. Such combination of contrasting pieces always looks great!

    StyleSprinter Blog