Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Many Faces of Love. Part 2. Dark Romance / Разные лица любви. Часть 2. Темная сторона.

Dress/ платье: Juicy Couture
Sweater/ свитер: Kira Plastinina
Coat/ пальто: J Crew
Tights/ колготки: OMSA
Boots/ ботинки: Matisse
Beanie/ шапка: Juicy Couture
Scarf/ платок: Juicy Couture
Bag/ cумка: Promod
Gloves/ перчатки: old

Lips/ губы: MAC Lipliner in Morning Coffee+Estee Lauder Pinkberry 

Love is not always all pink and cute and romantic. Sometimes it also gets ugly. And heartbreaking. And abusive. It has you lose your joyousness and carelessness. It rips your heart apart and makes you hurt. It has nothing to do with those fairy-tales and Prince-Charmings. It makes you lonely, it drowns you. Sometimes it even kills you.

My outfit of today is a grey sweater with embroidered skull on it worn over a silk girly dress with a songbirds print. I wanted to keep the color pallette dark and leave the job of providing contrasts to the prints and materials. As for makeup, my choice went to smoky eyes. Not my favorite look, but definitely The One for a theme of dark romance.

Продолжая разговор о любви, нельзя не затронуть и обратную ее сторону. Ту, где нет места розовым мечтам, беззаботным девичьим юбкам и изящным туфелькам. Ту, которая разрывает тебя на куски, убивает твое сердце, а потом, возможно, и тебя...

Сегодняшний образ - мой взгляд на романтику в темных тонах. Серый грубый свитер с черепом поверх шелкового платья с рисунком в виде певчих птиц. Черно-серые тона. Все остальное - в контрастах тканей и текстур.


  1. Dear Olga, so true, what you wrote! Love is not always sugar - and sometimes it looks like as people tend to forget it. But your look is definitely fantastic, I like the cool outfit you created and I hope you recognised also how beautiful you are here - and in general <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Well done! I absolutely had fun reading this. Happy Monday!


  3. what a lovely post my dear
    your style is so amazing and inspiring
    simply love it!
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  4. I like very much this rock outfit Olga and you, with that beanie, are really cool. Kisses from Italy and thank you for your visit,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Bloglovin of Eniwhere Fashion

  5. Очень милый образ, мне нравится все!