Saturday, July 19, 2014

Steps to improve the quality of life.

As I previously mentioned, myself needs a serious makeover. Here is in general what needs to be done:
1. Improve nutrition. This means our family shall only eat healthy and natural products, nothing chemical or processed.
Which leads to point number 2!
2. Organize my budget planning. No more spending everything I have and borrowing money. No more thoughtless online shopping. Everything that has to be spent must be on the list. This may sound boring but not in my case. I need to grow up. I have a family.
3. Improve my home. First of all is naturally cleaning. Then sort out all the mess. No more clothes around the house, cups and empty plates everywhere, and so on. And finally, something I've never done before, not even once in the 4 years we've been living in this apartment - decorating. No pictures, no photos, no flowers, just the supplies needed to survive. And that is not a way to treat a Home!
4. And now my favourite point! My appearance, of course. This point hasn't really been neglected, I do care how I look, may be a little bit too much, but it is all messy and unorganized as well! I spend too much on the wrong stuff, especially on makeup and skin care, and also clothing which doesn't fit me or my wardrobe.

I could mention another point about working on my psychological condition but if I follow all the above, I am sure there will be no need in that.


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