Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello and Welcome!

I was probably supposed to be alone, living at my parents' home and working as a lawyer. Because I was shy, insecure, weird and not pretty.
Instead, I went against it all, against myself. When I was 25 I found the man of my dreams, married him and got the perfect family.
Still, life decided to give me a bigger challenge.
Our son was born, and at birth I got into hands of bad doctors, and they did not help my son to be born, so he had a brain injury.
Now my Eduard is 5 years old and he has cerebral palsy. I am no longer a lawyer, I am a stay at home mother dedicated to her son. We chose to rehabilitate our son using the method of Glenn Doman which requires me to be home 24/7 doing exercises with my son.
Yes, we are still a happy family.
But I still had a void in my life - a professional one. And I found my passion - fashion and style.
Staying at home all day long, hardly ever going out did not make me wear old sweats and dirty clothes. Just the opposite - I suddenly developed a sense of style thanks to the artistic heritage of my father. He was a talented artist, and that's how I was growing - surrounded by art and artists, which contributed to my own taste.
So this is what this blog is about: fashion, style and clothes.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us! It's beautiful <3