Tuesday, March 17, 2020

In the End, It Is All About Freedom

For some reason, the current world made me remember the day of September 11 2001. When no one yet realized what had happened or how that would affect their lives, nobody understood what to do or where to run away to, but one thing was clear: nothing will be the same anymore. Global events like it scare us because they pose a threat to what we value the most: our freedom. I am not talking about a global concept of freedom, I am talking about my little personal one, which I am desperately afraid to lose, and so does every human being.

I've been stuck at home for 8 years of my life and I come from a country where people have NEVER experienced any kind of freedom. Therefore, of all things in life, my freedom is my most valuable asset. I don't want to have to adjust to another change. I've had so many of those in my life, that I am fed up. They say whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger - well, I have so much strength, that I am sick of it. I want to wear my silky pink skirts and not protective gear. I want to get outside, I want to be around people, I want to come home just to sleep and not stay there any extra moment. I don't want to shop online, I don't want my son to have these video-tele-virtual therapy appointments. It all might seem too plain and insignificant now but it is the freedom that we are losing in the end, no matter how each of us sees it.

Sweatshirt/ кофта: Joie 
Skirt/ юбка: Ralph Lauren 
Shoes/ туфли: Paul Green
Bag/ сумка: Kate Spade

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