Monday, December 14, 2015

Festive Casual / Праздничное в повседневном...

Coat/ пальто: handmade/ сшито на заказ
Sweater/ свитер: Moncler
Pants/ брюки: J Crew
Boots/ ботильоны: Chinese Laundry
Bag/ сумка: Coach
Hat/ шляпа: Next
Scarf/ платок: Juicy Couture

Lipstick/ помада: Tom Ford Pussycat
Nails/ лак: OPI Get Cherried Away


It is when New Year is just around the corner, holiday spirit in the air, everything around you being decorated, sparkling and shiny and colorful and joyous.  So you can't help but join the celebration! It can be done many ways: shopping for gifts and decorations, attending all sorts of Christmas parties and gatherings ...

Well, I don't do any of the above. I am not doing any Christmas shopping because, first, I am on a really tight budget, and, second, I have enough decorations and have no people to buy gifts for. What I do is I just go out for a walk when I have time, and breath in, enjoy and savor that amazing spirit! It is so easy to feel happy and joyous this time of year!

And from what I see in the streets of the city and on other people's blogs - I am definitely NOT ALONE in this!

Have you noticed THAT as well? People being dressed with a little touch of festivity! Just casually running errands, or walking around the city. And you just can't resist being part of the celebration! Even with no parties to attend,  no one to celebrate with,  no fancy dress to wear or whatever else you are supposed to have...

By just adding a little something to your everyday casual look and go run your errands in a FESTIVE style! Festively casual...

In my outfit of today that "little something" was definitely this amazing metallic sweater! Stay tuned for more of the crazy casual!

Наступил тот период в году, когда от новогоднего настроения уже никуда не денешься. Все сверкает, сияет и переливается. В такую пору становится так легко ощутить радость и счастье! Они невольно забираются тебе в душу вместе с вездесущим Рождественским духом (и можно даже попробовать оставить их там насовсем).

И совсем не обязательно, что ваш календарь не заполнен чередой вечеринок и елок. Совсем не страшно, если вам некому покупать подарки. 

Можно просто выйти на улицу и отправиться по своим повседневным делам ... добавив в свой образ чуточку праздника!

Мне кажется, можно смело считать это нынешним трендом! Я назову его "Праздничное в повседневном". Его можно заметить и на людях в городе, и у многих блоггеров. Когда в повседневных образах появляются нарядные детали. И не просто нарядные, а слегка сумасшедшие. И актуальные именно в эту предпраздничную пору!

Так давайте не упустим возможность добавить праздника в повседневную суету!


  1. Hello dear Olga! I love your coat and your burgundy pants! Super cute and festive! Baci, Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  2. I love the vibrant color of your coat
    You look so stylishly chic

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  3. Amazing color combo, I love your coat!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  4. I also noticed that people are getting more dressed up at this time of year and personally I love it! I think every opportunity to get dressed up should be taken advantage of:):) Why not have fun when we can?

    I really like your blue coat...and that scarf is a lovely touch. You look beautiful and stunning!!!

  5. Thanks for the comments and love the post


  6. Beautiful color combination my dear!!! I love your shoes <3

  7. Dear Olga, this is what I like on the Christmas time - the festive touch in the clothing of the people :) I really like your festive touch with the golden sweatern and the blue coat looks still very beautiful!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  8. Love your complete look, from the top to the shoes! That coat is amazing, love the color so much, Olga. Happy Holidays, my blogger friend.

  9. I really love your coat and the way it pairs with burgundy...lovely! :-)

    Lot of kisses,

  10. totally digging this color combination! :D

    Have a great day!
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  11. А я все никак не поймаю праздничное настроение) Наверное, дел слишком много(

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  12. I love this a lot!

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